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Be in the Bhav

bhavI just returned from Bhaktifest in Joshua Tree California where I spent 4 days with my husband. The bands played 24/7, we danced, we sang, we yoga-d, we ate delicious food, slept under the stars and saw old friends and made new ones.

This particular yoga event is about being in the Bhav–the feeling energy of the heart and the connections we make when we are open, naked and simple. The Bhav is about being embodied – and acting from our hearts and our bodies—not just our minds— even if at times it doesn’t’ make logical sense. According to the yoga teachings, the fastest way to liberation (from our tendencies), is through the heart.

bhavAt Bhaktifest, we use chanting (the names of the divine in sanskrit) as a way to elevate vibration. It’s a different form of yoga that is so sublime, it’s like an entire class of Sava Sana floating in a hot air balloon!

Ommmmmmmmm. I feel so tapped in.

I was reminded that “being in the bhav” isn’t about me getting blissed out. It’s about devotion in motion, which is service. I heard and reheard, “you have to give it away to keep it”. What it means to me is that by reaching out, by serving, by supporting someone going through a challenging time, by sharing my story of how yoga helped me heal from physical abuse and eating disorder, I can serve. Get a copy of Laurel’s story here. []

bhavThat’s giving it away.

In any case, it doesn’t mean I have to sign up to be a volunteer for some organization or donate money. It might just mean I dedicate my life to helping other people feel good through yoga. Or it might mean I listen to a friend or a family member in need. It’s kindness to my loved ones.

How will you be of service? Maybe it’s time to Share the Gift of Yoga? Sign up for your private, free interview [] with me and learn more about how to become a yoga teacher and save up to $1,000 on tuition.

Big love to you all. Prayers that we can all be of service today, tomorrow, everyday, in some small way.

Jai ma!

Laurel Hodory yoga teacher training

How to Think Less, Feel More & Feel Great

Laurel hodory yoga teacher trainingOne of the most common reservations I hear from yoga students considering yoga teacher training is this: I’m not ready!

Even if you’re in a different profession, and not considering becoming a yoga teacher, read on to learn how this common excuse is just a pattern of mental tyranny that’s holding you back.

We often gauge whether something is a good choice based on our comfort level with it. Then we support that decision with logical reasons to justify it—-

These reasons are otherwise known as excuses.

The Yoga teachings point us toward a vastly different and revolutionary approach to making choices and taking actions. Something more powerful, more accurate and more liberating than your intellect, reason or any education.

It’s called your True Nature. Some people call it intuition; others call it the heart’s calling. Sometimes I refer to it as embodied wisdom.

According to yoga, thoughts are the root of our suffering. While thoughts can be useful, they are only half the picture. And sometimes they are a warped picture that is based on our past or a samskara or a tendency. For example, you have the tendency to do the right thing—what you “should” do.

Yoga provides us with a powerful tool to take a vacation from relying upon our thoughts. It teaches us to tap into our true nature and embodied wisdom through sensing and feeling from the inside out who we are and what it is we need to do. This can be done through sitting quietly in meditation or moving through postures.

By freeing yourself from your mind, you have access to the vast wisdom of your entire body. There’s untapped potential, power and creativity there that trumps any thought patter. Scientific evidence now shows there are more neurons in the gut than in the brain and almost as many as in the heart. So when you think “mind,” you need to include the mind in the body.

Stop “shoulding” all over yourself and learn how to take a vacation from your thinking mind.

Take the plunge and sign up for yoga teacher training! It’s not just for people aspiring to be teachers—although it can be if that is your aspiration. It’s also for anyone wanting to get back into their bodies and develop a more personal yoga practice.

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Be the light,

Laurel Hodory yoga teacher training

Are You Sandwhiched?

If you are sandwiched with the responsibilities of children and taking care of your parents now or in the near future, you just might be missing the beef, or tofu as the case may be for my vegetarian friends.Laurel with leg behind head

Your resources are tapped out going towards two generations of loved ones and as a result, not to the current generation – you. This means, by definition, you have lots of bread and no beef.

This is a recipe for burnout, premature aging, and worse – illness.

Since I don’t have children, and both of my parents are now deceased, I’m not sandwiched.

And yet, it’s STILL hard for me to find the meat of my life.

If all of your energy is going towards everything else but yourself, you will live a life without meaning – life without connection to the deepest part of yourself.

Is that what you want? At the end of the day – or the end of your life – will your accomplishments, bank accounts and possessions fill you up? Or will there be a sense of something lost or missed?

With all your attention going out, there is little time and connection to your authentic True Nature. According to Wayne Muller, author of Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest, decisions and actions born of stopgap solutions and rushing always contain the seed of your next problem and rarely solve anything.

Thank goodness, Yoga offers a very simple solution. It’s called presencing. Learning to be 100 percent present is learned through the practice of spending time investigating the sensations of the here and now while you sit quietly meditating or moving through yoga postures.

Even five minutes a day – less than 1% of your day – can work wonders!

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Live your light,