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What the Fuzz?

Did you know you’re a fuzz factory?

You grow fuzz in your body every single night. Literally.

There’s something in your body akin to saran wrap. It’s that sheer white stuff you’ve seen if you’ve ever cleaned raw chicken. It’s called fascia and we all have it—gobs of it. Sometimes referred to as our second skeleton, fascia is much stiffer than muscle and softer than bone.

Fascia doesn’t get a lot of blood flow, and so consequently, it is more rigid. As we age, it dries up and gets harder, inhibiting movement.

If you don’t stretch daily, the fuzz turns into a glorified mummification over a lifetime reducing range of motion over time.

If you don’t believe me, check out this very real video by fascia expert Gil Hadley.

Click below to watch the video

what the fuzz video

We take it for granted that this is a natural part of the aging process. It’s not.

Our bodies were meant to move. Period.

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Love and fuzz-lessness,

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The Secret to Why Yogis Have More Fun

  • They’re flexible—literally and figuratively.
  • They savor and live in the moment.
  • Everything is easy compared to yoga.
  • Challenges are just an opportunity to expand and grow.
  • They’re always just a breath away from a yoga practice.

why yogis have more fun

Click here to watch video

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Naked + Yoga = Good For You

It’s no wonder yoga is the fastest growing fitness trend!

We get from yoga something we get in no other activity:


Every time we do yoga, we get naked.

We strip off our outer garments.  We get down to the bare essence of who we are.

No more posing and pretending.

No more people-pleasing and pushing ourselves to be who we are not.

Just pure you– your breath, your body and your being.

Plus a room full of yogis who share the same love of keeping it real.  Inner brilliance revealed.

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PS: Here are six reasons why you should sleep naked.