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You Are What You Think 

Laurel hodory yoga teacher trainingHow much time each day do you spending thinking?

How about feeling and sensing?

I’m guessing you spend a large percentage of your day thinking and very little feeling and sensing.  That creates an imbalance.

If thinking dominates, then whatever dominates your thoughts pervades Consciousness. And according to the yoga teachings, what dominates Consciousness expresses as physical form.

you are what you thinkPractice

Choose how you “spend” your time and attention.  Little by little, start to increase the amount of time you spend sensing and feeling into your body.  Give your mind a vacation.

You will be amazed at the payoff—-feeling great!

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Love and light,
Laurel Hodory yoga teacher training

Give Up Your Story, Gain Your Freedom

give up your storyHave you ever told yourself a story about what would happen if you changed a habit?

I know I have. Every time I’ve ever changed my diet to eliminate something like sugar or gluten, there’s a BIG story about how hard it’s going to be.

I’m going to be miserable without it. I deserve it. It won’t be fun. I don’t have the will power.

But every time I step into action and change the behavior, a funny thing happens.

It’s WAY easier than I ever imagined! Now the first few days are sometimes difficulty, but then it gets a whole LOT easier. I am always very surprised how long I stayed hostage to the story before stepping into action because I believed the story.

It’s just a story. And YOU can re-write it. And you will re-write it when you make the change and experience total freedom.

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I hope to see you there!

Laurel Hodory yoga teacher training

Is Your Gu Gone?

In yoga lingo, guru means:  gu=dark + ru=lightIn yoga lingo, guru means:

gu=dark + ru=light

A guru is someone who leads herself others from darkness (out of the gu) into light.

But how?

You can start ru-ing your way out of the gu by simply recognizing what keeps you stuck….

  • In a pose
  • A relationship
  • Or a job

Underneath, there’s often fear.  Fear of uncertainty, change, failure, consequences, you name it.  When the mind sees fear, it kicks into protection mode—protection from the worst possible outcome—death.

But the reality is that fear is often a signal that we are on the brink of massive transformation.  In fact, fear is often the fuel that rockets us into transformation!

Yet while our hearts may be calling us to a strike out in a new way, our minds find every reason to quiet the very ideas that excite us, and our fear.

That’s called playing it safe.  Or not playing at all.  If a born musician doesn’t play music because he’s afraid of failure, is it any wonder that he’s battling depression? No pill can take that away.

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Laurel Hodory yoga teacher training