Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga Lessons are one of the fastest, most effective ways to get back to feeling and looking great at any age while restoring peace and balance to your well being. They’re also a great way to tune up your practice if you’re already a regular yoga practitioner.

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All of our packages are designed with the busy, results-oriented professional in mind who wants physical health improvements and personalized attention through regular, consistent yoga lessons. We even have a package for the fast-tracked executive who wants to see results quickly.

Unlike public yoga classes, private lessons are customized to the client’s needs. This can make a huge impact on a client’s progress and well being. Benefits range widely depending on the client’s desired outcome but include:


  • Mat skill breakthroughs (new yoga poses)
  • Reduced anxiety & depression
  • Improved stress management
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Increased mental clarity & focus
  • Decreased aches and pains
  • Increased freedom of movement
  • Increased strength
  • Improved balance
  • Lowered blood pressure

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Checkout the testimonials below from my clients.

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Cameron-Mitchell-CroppedI saw the benefits my wife was getting from yoga and that prompted me to get started. Through private yoga lessons with Laurel, I’ve gained strength and flexibility plus I am much calmer and relaxed now. Better still, I started losing weight and changing my eating habits! Laurel sincerely cares about my well being and that shows in how she customizes yoga to my needs. Cameron Mitchell, Restaurateur

John-SokolAt 50+ years old and over 200 lbs, I was intimidated to try yoga. But private lessons with Laurel changed that.Laurel has helped rid me of back pain and gain flexibility and strength. Laurel has been able to customize yoga to my body so that I can access the poses, get the benefits and play the entire season of golf injury-free! I highly recommend Laurel to anyone who wants to feel better in their body at any age. John Sokol, CEO of Ohio Indemnity

Nancy KramerAs a business owner and mother of a blended family, I have a busy work & travel schedule that can be stressful. I’ve gained tremendous strength, balance and a greater sense of ease through private lessons with Laurel. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking a customized program who wants to feel fantastic at any age. Nancy Kramer, Founder & Chairman, Resource/Ammirati

Randy-GerberLaurel is simply the best. As a 45 year old male, former athlete trying to increase flexibility and improve my focus I have had tremendous results with Laurel. She routinely checks in with how I feel throughout our sessions together to insure the best experience while focusing on my desired outcome. I highly recommend Laurel for anybody serious about improving their life through Yoga! Randall Gerber, Founder & Principle, Gerber Clarity

After eighteen months of pain in my shoulder, I finally signed up for private yoga lesson with Laurel. She quickly zeroed in on my alignment in several key postures, adjusting them to my optimal alignment.. Almost immediately, I was out of pain. Since then, I’ve been able to slowly integrate what she taught me—which required some patience on my part—and heal my shoulder through consistent, healthy, alignment. I would highly recommend private yoga lessons with Laurel to anyone who is dealing with injuries or obstacles in their yoga practice. Joe Travers, Neurobiologist

Laurel has an insane knack in yoga. I can’t believe that in an hour, she is able to address the painful issue(s) in my life and create an opportunity for me to heal. I thank her a thousand times for her patience, understanding, and yoga lessons. Kate Curatti, Yoga Teacher, Freelance writer