Health is Wealth

It’s as simple as that. When we are healthy, we are better able to face challenges and give our best to whatever endeavor we undertake.

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A lack of wellness in the workplace has been estimated to cost US employers anywhere from $150 to $250 billion dollars annually. Some corporations are spending up to 50% of profits in health care costs. Bottom line, if you aren’t well, or your employees aren’t well, your business isn’t well. It’s that simple.

Studies conducted by Harvard Medical School and others indicate that  presenteeism — or showing up physically at work, but not being all there, is on the rise. Illness, chronic conditions or a personal issue can detract from productivity, creativity and engagement. On the employee side, there’s a growing trend towards work force employees feeling dissatisfied, distracted, and unable to get their most important work done.

yoga in front of a city backdropBut wait, there’s good news! There is a proven solution.

It’s Wellness-at-Work.

Wellness is a combination of good health, a measure of wealth, and how good we feel about our lives. Put simply, wellness can add years to your life and digits to your bottom line.

Who doesn’t want that?


Laurel Hodory, Founder of Wellness-at-Work

Laurel Hodory, M.S., E-RYT500, Certified Coach IAWBC

Laurel Hodory portraitA former environmental professional and athlete, Laurel is a master yoga teacher, wellness expert and inspiration to those seeking to live their dreams with purpose and passion. Her personal journey from illness to wellness has made her a thought leader in the wellness industry.

She launched her first business in 2000, opening the first dedicated yoga studio in central Ohio.  Ironically, the stress of running her wellness-oriented business drove her health into the ground prompting her to sell the business, dramatically revamp her lifestyle and re-organize a new business model with wellness as a top priority.

Today, she has reclaimed her health and reached new levels of success in her business.  Founder of Wellness-at-Work and Vip Executive Private Yoga Coaching, Laurel brings wellness and prosperity to entrepreneurs, their businesses and families.