V.I.P. Mat Skill Secrets & More

This V.I.P. Yoga Day is for you if you’d like to move beyond where you are in the poses. In your customized V.I.P. Yoga Day, you’ll learn Mat Skill Secrets in postures where you feel stuck plus access the philosophical and inner practices of yoga, including but not limited to:

  • 6 Secrets to Breakthrough any Pose
  • How to do a Handstand without the Wall
  • How to easily balance in Big Toe, Dancer, Half Moon, etc.
  • Hot to Jump Through and Jump Back in Vinyasa
  • How to Open Your Lotus Pose
  • How to Access Impossible Arm Balances such as Crow, Side Crow, 8 Angle Pose and more!
  • How to Backbend without Pain
  • How to do Pranayama to Manage Your Energy
  • How to Meditate & Build Your Mental Muscles
  • Identify the 5 Mental Activities Holding You back

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Video: How to Jump Through in 17 Seconds