V.I.P. For Injury & Optimal Alignment


This customized V.I.P. day is designed for injured athletes, yogis and those who want to get back to the activities they love most. In your customized V.I.P. Yoga Day, Laurel and the YWL Team will take you through a variety of steps designed to give you the tools to begin moving more freely and without pain including but not limited to:

  • Postural Assessment
    We all have imbalances, but some impair movement more than others. Compensatory movements often amplify the imbalance and increase pain. By identify the pattern, you’ll be able to begin to make small changes that have a big impact.
  • Yoga Practices for Optimal Alignment
    These are special sequences, postures and practices designed to bring your posture and the yoga poses back into balance so that you feel good. You’ll feel better after your first V.I.P. day and you’ll leave with tools to practice on your own and get results.