Yu Xiao

Yu Xiao hails from China and holds a BA in the Department of Choreography at Beijing Dance Academy, and MFA degree in choreography in the Department of Dance at the Ohio State University. Yu began to practice yoga in 2005 with different yoga teachers both in China and the United States. She developed her passion for yoga when she turned to the practice as an alternative health treatment to heal her hip injury, and a physical practice to keep her strength, flexibility and balance other than dance classes. Yu is received her 200-hour teacher with Laurel Hodory in the fall of 2009. With her knowledge and background from various dance techniques, Tai Chi, Chinese dance, improvisation and choreography, Yu is delighted that yoga introduced her to another movement arts and living style—a balance of body, mind, and soul. She is hoping to share her experiences of movement arts, her love of yoga, her benefit from yoga and her thought about yoga with others. She hopes her classes will bring students strength and flexibility, joy and challenge, peace and enthusiast. Yu lives in Columbus with her husband, and is expecting her first child.

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