Susan Melsop

Susan Melsop was first introduced to yoga as a young child, watching her mother do head stands (sirshasana) in the middle of the living room. Her own yoga practice stems from her studies of Eastern philosophy, specifically the teachings of Buddhism. “To be interested in the way the mind works, is to be interested in Buddhism”. For her, yoga is a practice of synchronizing the thoughts of the mind, with the actions of the body to nourish and enlighten the spirit. The yoga studio is a place to practice this synchronicity in order to take this wisdom onto the streets and into the everyday.

In the fall of 2009, Susan completed the 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification under the tutelage of Laurel Hodory. Susan has participated in yoga workshops with Shiva Rea, Seane Corn and Larry Schultz. Her practice involves both Hatha and Ashtanga traditions. She aspires to teach with compassion, humility and humor, and to promote the psychological and physical benefits of yoga.

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