Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson began her exploration of the body through years of dance and various workout routines. In 2007, Emily came to yoga as a way to compliment her primary trainings. Emily fell in love with yoga not only for the physical benefits, but for the peace and calm it brought to her life.

After years of attending classes, Emily wanted to deepen her personal practice and learn how to give back through sharing yoga. Emily received her Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate with Laurel Hodory and Staff in 2015.

Emily endeavors to share her joy of yoga with all she meets both on and off the mat. She strives to support and empower those around her through the creation of a safe space where accomplishments can be made and challenges met.

When not on the mat, Emily can be found continuing her education through reading and exploring new opportunities, cooking some Cajun recipes, and adventuring with friends and family.

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