Anthea Gifford

Anthea Gifford began her career caring for others in 1999 as a Licensed Social Worker. Frustrated and stressed with her job, she started Bikram Yoga in 2003 to empower herself and balance her life. Her friends, family and colleagues could see a difference in her physically and in her new ability to move through difficult transitions with a calm sensibility. Anthea practiced and taught Bikram Yoga from 2003 to 2008 and during her entire pregnancy.

While Bikram Yoga was her first introduction to yoga, providing both a calming and energizing effect, Anthea wanted to explore deeper aspects and styles of yoga. She enrolled in the 2008 Yoga Teacher Training with Laurel Hodory at It’s Yoga Columus. She is scheduled to receive her 200-level certification in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in November 2008.

Among many things, Anthea learned the philosophical dimensions of yoga, how different bodies can interpret the same movement, proper alignment and how to cultivate her own inner voice. Off of her yoga mat, Anthea enjoys running and walking, reading and spending time with her fiancé, Gerry and their 3 year-old son, Jaden.

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