Amy Marzluff

Amy was first introduced to yoga 10 years ago by a dear friend of hers. Together, they tried many styles of yoga, unsatisfied and wanting more. After attempting several styles that were too slow, too quiet, or too “out there”, she finally arrived to the one that made her heart soar. In 2000, she took a class with Laurel Hodory that gave her a great workout, made her sweat and left her calm and relaxed. Amy has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years, attending workshops, conference and retreats. She has studied with Seane Corn extensively.

Amy is currently pursuing her yoga certification and will complete her Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Laurel Hodory in November of 2010. Amy is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and will combine her love of yoga with her passion of health, wellness and spirituality to reach her clients mind, body and spirit.

Students are attracted to Amy’s style: “work me out, make me sweat, and take me spiritually deeper.” Her gentle yet encouraging style inspires her students to get on their mat, face their fears and live and love bigger.

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